Company rehearsals located at:
Sierra 2 Center For The Arts And Community
2791 24th St , Sacramento, CA 95818
(916) 599-3441

Two World Premieres in "Mi Mexico" --The Calidanza Dance Company
Coming to Harris Center Sept. 13

(Sacramento, CA) Two world premieres in a compelling new celebration of Mexican culture, dance and music are coming to the Harris Center on Saturday, Sept. 13. Led by the award-winning Executive and Artistic Director Steven Valencia, Calidanza Dance Company is Sacramento's one year old professional dance company and is literally and figuratively moving fast.

Twenty-four vibrant dancers, gorgeous costumes plus dramatic live music by San Francisco's renowned Vinic Kay, lead by José Roberto Hernandez, the "Multi-talented musician, his creativity and musical knowledge really come forth as he develops and compose music for numerous choreographies" -World Arts West

Saturday, September 13
7:30 pm
The Harris Center/Three Stages @ Folsom Lake College
10 College Parkway, Folsom, CA 95630
Ticket Office 916-608-6888
Tickets are available on line at or at the Harris Center box office.
Prices are $19-$35, Premium $39; and only $12 for children 12 & under and students with current ID.

The two new pieces are "Danza de los Concheros" with choreography created by Maestro Tony Marco Martinez who is here in Sacramento now, direct from Mexico City, working with the Calidanza dancers for this premiere. Maestro Martinez has worked with some of the largest companies throughout Mexico including the renowned Ballet Folklorico de México, National Institute of Fines Arts, Miss México pageant and many more.

Originally from the state of México, "Danza de los Concheros" is a reenactment of a pre-Hispanic past from the Aztec tribe. Ritual and adorned dances to the gods united the cultures. The Aztecs danced for most any occasion: for the harvest, for rain, during ceremonies. With the arrival of the Spanish, many of the indigenous dances were outlawed as Christianity was introduced. Many of the symbols in the dances represent Catholic rituals, but most all of them have a pre-Hispanic double meaning--- this is how many indigenous cultures maintained their faith.

The other premiere is more modernistic with a costuming nod to the 1930s in one piece("Beautiful Maria.)" "Veracruz-alma Jarocho" is a fascinating mix of Spanish, African and indigenous dance and music expressing the modern Fandango. It is choreographed by Valencia and stylishly showcases precision Latin contemporary dances.

Another highlight is the compelling "Danza del Venado" choreographed by Amalia Hernández of the Ballet Folklórico de México, restaged by Maestro Carlos Antunes. It dramatically shows the struggle between the hunter and the hunted. This dance represents the deer’s senses as he is being hunted with the lead male dancer raking the stage with percussive gourd maracas (his hooves) before acrobatic leaps. This dance is from the Yaqui Indians of Sonora and represents their sacred relationship with nature.

The rich heritage ballet folklorico from the states of Jalisco, Oxaca, Michoacán, Sinaloa are also fully represented, along with "Noche de Muertos," the exciting 2013 piece by Valencia, commissioned by the San Francisco Symphony and premiered just last year at their Dia de los Muertos city event.

Calidanza is Sacramento's new professional dance company, and just celebrated it's one year fundraiser birthday in mid-July with a successful event at Sacramento's Mayahuel Restaurant.