Company rehearsals located at:
Sierra 2 Center For The Arts And Community
2791 24th St , Sacramento, CA 95818
(916) 599-3441

(Sacramento, CA) A festive two-hour holiday ballet folklórico “Festejos!" from Steven Valencia’s Calidanza Dance Company, will be coming to downtown Sacramento's historic Crest Theatre on Saturday, December 13th.

A special low advance ticket price of only $10 is the company's public thank you to the community for the support received this year.

With one new world premiere planned, award-winning live music and twenty-two vibrant dancers, the celebration boasts a fresh approach to Mexican dance and honors a variety of cultural traditions from many states.They will be accompanied by San Francisco's Vinic-Kay, folkloric musicians with José Roberto Hernandez, director.

Children will be treated post-concert to a lobby piñata celebration by The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

The Crest Theatre
1013 K Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 44-CREST
Doors: 6:30 pm
Concert: 7:30 pm

Tickets on sale here:

Special low price: $10 advance, $15 door; $ 7 children 12 & under

The show’s first half opens with " Danza de los Concheros," a 2013 piece choreographed by Maestro Tony D Marco from Mexico City, who arrived this summer at the invitation of Valencia to teach Calidanza dancers. Originally from the state of Mexico, "Concheros" is a bold percussive re-enactment of a pre-Hispanic past. What is notable is that many of the symbols represent Catholic rituals, but most all of them have a pre-Hispanic double meaning.--a way that indigenous cultures maintained their faith.

Calidanza's creative force in bringing new works is an important component to the \vitality of the company and so "Guerrero" will have it's world premiere

Says Valencia, " From the South Pacific Coast of Mexico, dynamic dances were strongly influenced by Spanish Gypsies and Africans who were brought to the Americas by the Spanish. Later, a mix of traditions were introduced by sailors and adventurers from Chile, Argentina and Peru in a style called “Chilena.” Teasing sensual hip movements and quick footwork, imitating birds and animals, expresses flirtation between men and women while performing on the Tarima, a wooden platform.

The biggest traditional crowd pleaser in "Sones Antiguos de Michoacán y los Viejitos," is the dance of the old men--Danza de los Viejitos. Bent over,

with craggy full face masks, sombreros and hooked canes, the "old men" dance vigorously to scare off the spirits of death, demonstrating that they are still agile and strong. The choreography is somewhat improvisational with the dancers paying highly-skilled slapstick, intricate foot-stomping homage!

The beauty and elegance of the women dominate the dances of Sinaloa, a state in the northern part of Mexico. The Carnaval in Mazatlan is one of the largest in Mexico; it's root traces back to a pre-Lent celebration when communities would converge to have large final feasts in anticipation of the restrictions of Lent.


The second half of the family-oriented concert will celebrate numerous Christmas traditions in M exico beginning with La Rama ,celebrated in Veracruz.

Much of the culture of Veracruz is based on a combination of African, Spanish and indigenous cultures. Songs like “La Bamba” for example, traces its root back 300 years and although there is no English translation, it is most likely derived from the Spanish verb bambolear meaning to stop or shake!

Audiences can sing along with Cantos de Navidad-- Christmas songs sung and played by Vinic-Kay, the award-winning Bay Area acoustic folkloric group led by Jose Roberto Hernandez. The show ends with a Mariachi Christmas from the state of Jalisco, the region that has most influenced the development and evolution of folklórico today including celebrations with la piñata.

Children will have their own after-concert la piñata swingin' affair in the Crest lobby, and small treat bags will be given out by The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Calidanza Dance Company

Executive & Artistic Director Steven Valencia, is a shining star in the world of Ballet Folklórico in the U.S and the Mexican-American arts community. In 2011, he was honored with the Maestro Award from The Latino Arts Network of California and the California Arts Council, awarded to a singular individual who is a Master of cultural practice in the Arts and a Leader in the community. After fifteen years of directing the award-winning, Instituto Mazatlan Bellas Artes de Sacramento, Valencia fulfilled a life-long dream by forming a new professional dance company Calidanza, dedicated to “calidad” – quality, creative dance, community, and cultural affirmation.

For more information: Artistic/Executive Director: Steven Valencia (916) 599-3441

Media: Event Publicist, Mindy Giles (916) 447-6508 or . Hi res JPEGS and interview requests available.